Free Needs Assessment

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Our FREE needs assessment service is a very important and useful step to ensure the following:

  • To fully understand the particular needs of the care recipient and identify those activities of daily living with which the care recipient needs help.
  • To assess the environment of care and make any and all recommendations for changes, additional assistive devices, and other safety measures that would enhance the safety of the care recipient.
  • To help us assign the caregiver who is the most qualified person for that particular assignment taking into consideration client preferences, level of care required, and other compatibility factors.
  • To fully explain to the care recipients, family members, and/or designated representatives, the type of services we provide, the limitations to our service and the details of financial arrangements.
  • To identify third-party payors, if applicable (e.g. long-term care insurance), and accordingly make arrangements for client reimbursements.
  • To give care recipients and family members free advice on issues such as eldercare law, long-term care planning, and reverse mortgages.
  • To explore and identify possible sources of reimbursement for the care recipient such as state medicaid programs, veterans benefits, etc.

Live-in Private Duty Care Aide