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Giving Your Elderly the Best Care

Added on November 24, 2017 by Lucy_Wyndham

Giving Your Elderly the Best Care | caring_for_the_elderly

Caring for elderly relatives ought to be rewarding, but can often be stressful as you try to find the best solution. A good Home Care Company can be a possibility but they are not easy to come by and can be costly. Simply finding them a 'helping hand'; someone to pop in and out throughout the day might also work. However, if they want to remain safe and secure in their own home with companionship they may need to find someone to 'live in'. This  kind of care not only supports the elderly with personal care but can also help to maintain the fabric of their home by making sure essential repairs are carried out and utilities are running properly.

Keeping Warm

As we age and become less active, maintaining our core temperature becomes more of an issue. Even in warmer climates a senior may feel chilly when others are warm.

Making sure your senior has the right kind of clothing (preferably layers) as well as a draft free environment are fairly cheap and simple solutions. A companion can also help to keep your senior moving around the house or even in their chair with basic exercises to aid circulation. They should also be ensuring that your elderly relative gets regular nutritious meals and plenty to drink as this all plays a part in keeping them comfortable in their own home.

Review the heating system

Having opted with your relative for care at home now's the time to consider the heating system in their house. Although once adept at managing the furnace and maintaining the boiler, neither your senior nor their caregiver will want the worry now. It's at this stage you may want to check out the pros and cons of tankless water heaters. These water systems can  be used to heat the whole house if radiators or underfloor heating are installed as well and although costly initially, are generally cheaper to run, better for the environment and will add value to your relatives home, which may well be an important consideration.

Comfort and security in our senior years are probably the two most important items. Most people will feel happiest in the home which they have worked hard to take care of over a period of time. Finding a caregiver to live with your relative will be a weight off your mind and making sure they are both warm will afford your senior the dignity they deserve.

Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

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