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Ways to Help Seniors Age Happily At Home

Added on October 27, 2017 by Lucy_Wyndham

Ways to Help Seniors Age Happily At Home | gus-moretta-326234

Growing old comes with many new challenges, and it is much easier to take on these trials in the comfort of one's home. When confronting changes to one's life, health, and abilities in any capacity, having the familiarity of one's same belongings and regular daily routines can make any situation more manageable. If you are a senior or you have an aging loved one, you may be wondering how to gain access to the right resources to make aging in place a possibility.

According to research by the AARP, 89% of U.S. residents want to stay in their homes as long as they possibly can, and this number increases to 95% for people over the age of 75. What's more, most retirees want to stay close to home, and many tend to stay within 20 miles of their original home in order to remain near family and friends. Knowing these statistics, it is crucial to be aware of the at-home resources and renovations that can be made to encourage aging at home for the benefit of senior happiness.

Aging at Home Resources

While some seniors may choose to buy a senior-friendly home in a designated community, others wish for nothing more than to remain at home. Fortunately, it is entirely possible for seniors to age in place, even if they need assistance from time to time. Hiring an in-house carer or part-time nurse to handle certain medical or hygienic details is one way to make living at home go more smoothly.

In addition to hiring help, another great resource to keep seniors safe while living on their own is to wear a medical alert system. These devices are usually worn on the wrist or around the neck, and they allow seniors to receive emergency medical help with the simple touch of a button. This can be vital in dire circumstances, and it can also give seniors the peace of mind that they can safely carry on life as usual in their own homes.

Renovations to Make A Home More Senior-Friendly

Besides utilizing a carer or a medical alert system, there are certain innovative home renovations that can be made in an effort to make the space be safer for aging seniors. By making the updates, seniors will not have to worry as much about their security or their risks for injury. Some senior-friendly renovation ideas include:

  • Make door widths wider for wheelchair access
  • Remove thresholds
  • Make showers and bathtubs easier to access
  • Remove throw rugs to avoid tripping and falling
  • Incorporate adequate lighting in every room
  • Include sturdy handrails on staircases and near steps

Knowing how reassuring it is to age in the comforts of one's own home, it is important for seniors and their loved ones to make the home as safe and accessible as possible with medical alert systems, part-time aids, and senior-friendly home renovations.

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